Drifters Products custom moderator for AirForce Airguns Talon, Condor, Escape

Drfiters Products Moderator
Drifters Products Carbon Fiber Moderator is holographic in the light

3 thoughts on “Drifters Products custom moderator for AirForce Airguns Talon, Condor, Escape

  1. Larry says:

    I have some questions about the moderator. 1. Will it fit my Condor? 2. If so how much length will it add? 3. How does it fasten to the barrel? 4. How does it compare to the Airforce moderator in terms of quietness? 5. Do you make these or are they off the shelf items? 6. What is the cost? 7. Where are you located? Sorry for all the questions but I don’t like surprises when I purchase something, I like to know what I am getting before I get it. You have some very interesting offerings.

  2. Aaron Eversull says:

    Hi Jeff, Thank you for your interest. I will try to answer your questions in order here for you.

    1. The moderator will fit your Condor if it is a standard Condor or a Condor SS w 24″ barrel. They are the same thing basically aside from barrel length and the integrated moderator on the SS.
    2. The Current model is 6 15/16″ long. In order to make is quiet there has to be a good amount of chamber length. I can shrink this down a bit though per machining differences.
    3. The Airforce guns create high pressures so I use 3 set screw to attach to the barrel and you could strengthen this further by filing small indents into the barrel once the marks from the set screws have been made in the barrel. So far no problems. The one you see on the red Talon is attached by the stock barrel cap set screw which also has been fine for well over 1000 shots now.
    4. It’s about the same decibel rating as the AirForce system. We have the red Talon .25 (Dirfters Moderator) and a black Condor SS .22 (Stock Moderator) and you cant tell any difference in volume really which is good because the .25 cal is using more air and higher regulated pressures then the Condor SS .22
    5. We do make these custom one at a time. We wanted stuff that no one else makes and high quality. I am the same as you as I like to know what I am getting so usually I make it for myself first of all.
    6. The cost for the Carbon Camo moderator is going to be pretty high. $250 as the carbon fiber that makes this pattern is spendy and then I have to apply an epoxy finish to it and then sand and polish. But it looks like nothing else you can buy which I like. I am eccentric that way. The standard woven carbon fiber is thinner and would be $150. It comes pre finished.
    7. We are located in Richmond Ut.

    Hope this helps. Sorry to take so long in getting back. We are still figuring all the website stuff out.



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