Drifters Products, Airgunning Adventures, See Talon SS go to .25 cal

Drifters Products, Airgunning Adventures, Going 25 Cal with the AirForce Airguns Talon SS.

Drifters Products has had this AirForce Airguns Talon SS for a few years now and it’s been a great gun but we want more out of it. The Talon can shoot long range and with an 18 grain pellet shooting at 680 fps at the muzzle but it fizzles out at 100 yds or so. We have been wanting to change over to the .25 caliber barrel for a while now so Drifters ordered up a barrel. Drifters didn’t order a Talon SS barrel though. We went for the Condor SS .25 barrel. It is 18 inches long instead of 12 and should add a good bit of speed to the .25 caliber pellet.

.22 Cal

Drifters Products - AirForce Airguns Talon SS .22 and a Condor SS .25 barrel
The new barrel is not only .25 caliber but is longer by 6″. and will give a good fps upgrade from a 12″ Talon SS barrel. Airforce Airgun barrels are available through Drifter Products. Drifters will help you with all your Airforce Airgun upgrades.

I have been shooting .22 H&N Sport Sniper Jumbo 18 grain pellets in the Talon SS. This proved to be the best pellet for this gun. I can drop a pellet in on a target pretty handily at 80-100 yards. It’s hard to say at what speed the pellet is traveling at that range. I bet it would be down to around 500 fps or even less. That’s only about 10 foot pounds of hit which isn’t bad but… It could be better. We have shot many a pigeon in the wing with the Talon SS only to have them flutter off into the sunset like nothing ever happened. I can really see the need for more thump. Those flight feathers are darned tough! While this gun can guide a pellet in like a lazer, it just doesn’t provide enough hit at range to do all that much.

.25 cal

Now the .25 caliber pellet will be very different. I haven’t been through any pellets yet to find the one that my gun will shoot the best but I am hoping that the JSB Exact King Heavy 25 cal 34 grain will be the pellet and I don’t know how fast it will be shooting yet so who knows what the numbers will be. Let’s just take the same fps at the muzzle as the .22 cal 18 grain pellets. The king heavy shot at 680 fps at the muzzle will still be traveling pretty quick down range at 80 yds just because of it’s weight. Weight traveling at a speed equals energy in foot pounds. So when king heavy is traveling at 580 fps at 100 yds, it will have around 25 foot pounds of hit. Holly cow is that a big difference!

Putting the smack down on a target

I really do expect 750 fps at the muzzle so if it is traveling at 650 fps down range it will have around 32 foot pounds of hit and then we’re cooking with gas! That’s some serious force and a huge difference from the .22,s 18 grain pellet 10 foot pounds. That .25 caliber pellet will fly better in the wind as well and be a better pellet for long range use in all aspects simply from it’s extra weight.

The Scope

We are so excited to see how it does that we can hardly contain it. The new Barrel is here in hand. Drifters is changing it out and testing it this weekend. Then we will Zero the superb MTC Optics scope. We will see how it shoots down range and re figure the ballistics for the .25 cal pellet. With the MTC Viper Pro scope the MOA adjust won’t be a problem at all. I love that scope. I mean I love that scope! I can’t imagine another company coming out with a better scope for long range shooting and it is perfect for airguns.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

airforceairguns.com,   mtcoptics.us,   hn-sport.de/en,

www.schulzdiabolo.cz/en/ (JSB)



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