Drifters Products Evolution Shot Valve and shooting system


Ever salivated over some of the most expensive airguns? I have—in fact I have salivated over the FX Impact for a long time, ever since Ted of Ted’s HoldOver got his.

Well, I don’t salivate any more.

Drifters Products Evolution Shot Valve
Drifters Products Evolution Shot Valve tunes your unregulated AirForce Airgun into a regulated PCP airgun and a world class shooting system.

Take your AirForce Airgun to the next level—the top level, in fact

Drifters Products has the shooting system for AirForce Airguns that takes them to the top, king of the hill, master of its domain, the best of the best.

Our Evolution shot valve does one thing: It makes your AirForce Airgun a completely accurate and a top shelf shooting system. In a nutshell, it transforms your AirForce Airgun into a pressure regulated, PCP air rifle with full tune ability and a much more air efficient gun. I shoot more on less air then I ever thought I could prior to the Drifters system.


We use these products on our own airguns—so we know they work

My own AirForce Talon SS (w. 25 cal Condor SS barrel) has been setup with a Drifters Products Shot Valve and 4500 PSI tank as well as full Drifters dry film graphite coating on all the moving parts. It is crazy accurate with this shooting system from Drifters Products. World class accurate, in fact.

We were out today shooting golf balls @ 111 yds in pretty strong winds. I dialed the superb MTC Optics Viper Pro scope to 14.5 MOA and pointed the gun at a far distant golf ball and guess what? I hit it! Time after time I hit one after another. If I missed it was my own fault due to movement or not compensating for the wind although I had to compensate very little with the .25 cal 34 grain pellets. This gun is that accurate now.

With the Drifters Products Evolution Shot Valve, 4500 PSI tank, and dry film graphite coating, the gun shoots the same. Time after time, shot after shot it shoots the same. The stock Airforce air tank and valve are not regulated. That means that the shot velocity decreases on each and every shot. If you only shoot 50 yds then you don’t need anything else.

Product Image for Drifters Products 4500 PSI Aluminum AirForce Airguns Tank
Drifters Products 4500 PSI aluminum air tank (top) is the same size as the stock AirForce Airguns tank. Your butt pad and tank pad transfer directly over to it. If you want more from your airgun, to be able to go out hunting, range find, and shoot on target the first time, this is the system you need. It is the best shooting system for AirForce Airguns, period!

Yes, there are other guys who can hop your gun up and “tune” it—but their abilities are limited to improving the unregulated air supply system of AirForce guns. Our system gives you complete control. You can turn your pressure up or down, shoot faster or slower and add 150% to your shot count per fill with the Drifters Products Evolution Shot Valve and 4500 PSI tank.

My own setup is an AirForce Talon SS. We installed a 18” Condor SS barrel and the Condor hammer weight. We built the sick holographic carbon camo moderator as the Condor barrel sticks out the end on the Talon SS frame and was LOUD. Now it’s very quiet. Then We added the Evolution Shot Valve and the 4500 PSI tank, we developed a proprietary dry film graphite coating system for the moving parts to reduce friction and wear and to help the hammer achieve the same velocities and force when it strikes the air valve, every time.

Mine is tuned to shoot @ 825 FPS which is where I personally like it for best accuracy, with low air usage. It is regulated to 2175 PSI. I fill my tank to 4500 PSI and shoot a ton of pellets before I run out of air pressure, or run the pressure down below 2175 PSI. I can still shoot below 2175 PSI, no problem there. It just shoots a little slower each time like a stock AirForce Airgun. So the fun doesn’t stop when I get to or below the regulated pressure, which a lot of shooting. I just have to adjust for the dropping pressure. I was still shooting 111 YDS today and hitting gold balls, I just had to aim a little higher each time or dial a little more MOA.

Drifters Products has the goods to make your gun perform among the best airguns on the market.


Drifters Products AirForce Talon SS w .25 Condor SS barrel, Our own Evolution Shot Valve, 4500 PSI air tank, Drifters dry film graphite coating on all hammer parts, MTC Optics Viper Pro 3-18 x 50 scope, Bipod, laser sight, and a labradoodle (top).
Drifters Products Carbon Camo Moderator for AirForce Airguns
The Carbon Camo Moderator is holographic and quiet.
Drifters Evolution Shot valve is makes your AirForce a regulated PCP airgun and is tune able and high flow for highest pulse pressures which makes for higher velocities at lower tune pressures


The Evolution Shot Valve adds just enough length to help stabilize the gun even more. I prefer this bit of added length for all positions of shooting.


MTC Optics Viper Pro Scopes have a patented geared turret that reads your exact MOA. This is the best air rifle and big caliber long range shooting we have found the a price tag south of $2,000.  The Viper Pro starts out at $575.99. Ted of Ted’s Holdover loves these scopes too…

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