What is the most accurate style of pellet? We answer that with a short article.

Pellet Calibres & Configurations

In terms of caliber, the .177 is reserved for plinkers and fun-gunners. It’s also the caliber of choice for outdoor HFT (Hunter Field Target) and FT (Field Target) competitors, while 10m indoor paper target punchers are mandatory to shoot flat-headed, .177 ammo. In Britain, around 75 per cent of hunters opt for .22. The larger calibres – .22 and .25 – remain the favorite with hunters, a few of whom opt for .20.
the best pellet - Roundhead


The roundhead is still the best configuration for all-round use – regardless of caliber and power – and by far the most popular shape for airgunners.

the best pellet - Flathead


Dictated by 10m target shooting rules (.177) for its ability to punch clean holes in the target, many shooters choose a .22 flat-head for close range vermin control work.

the best pellet - Pointed


This is considered by most hunters for its perceived penetration qualities. Surprisingly, the conical head makes it less ballistically efficient and stable – but sales would suggest hunters overlook this.

the best pellet - Hollow Point


Aimed primarily at the hunting market, this pellet’s USP suggests maximum damage on impact and, therefore, makes it a firm favourite with field shooters.

the best pellet - Round Ball

Round Ball

Though not a true ‘BB’ shot size, 4.5mm round balls – steel, lead and copper coated – are mainly the domain of the fun-gunner, for use in low-powered smooth bore guns.